17 & 18 Get Graphic

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It just so happens that my next two books are both graphic novels! Now, my personal graphic novel experience has been limited to the Buffy series, but these two are definitely ones I was glad to try. They are both in the top ten of the 2013 Great Graphic Novels.

The Silence of Our Friends cover artThe Silence of Our Friends is a true story (a few details are changed) about the TSU Five trial and the events leading up to it. Mark Long’s father, Jack, is the news cameraman in the story who really wants to do the right thing and cover the race issue in Houston like it should be covered. He’s not scared  to speak up for his black neighbors, but it’s a volatile time. I think the fact that the story is mostly true (and Long covers the actual events in an Author’s Note at the end), makes it that much more powerful. I can’t forget to mention the artwork. The art makes this story. Without the visual, it doesn’t have the same impact.

Trinity cover artTrinity: A Graphic History of the First Atomic Bomb is very well put-together. I can definitely see the appeal. The information is presented in such a way that teens may find it easier to understand the concepts, and Fetter-Vorm does especially a good job of explaining the science behind the atomic bomb.

Personally, this isn’t a book I would choose to read casually, but I’m not a big nonfiction reader. I wouldn’t really recommend it as a reference source for someone writing a report, but for someone who is interested in the subject or is having a hard time understanding how things happened, I would absolutely give them this book.

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Book 13 (Where I Gush About Tamora Pierce)

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A long, long time ago, when I was in middle school, I was introduced to Tamora Pierce in the form of her Circle of Magic quartet. I remember that I actually started with Tris’s Book because Tris had red hair and wore glasses, like yours truly. I loved it so much that I started over from the beginning, and I made sure to read every book Tamora Pierce has written since. (more…)

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Books 11 & 12

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I actually have a reason for putting these books together in the same blog post. They are both Alex Award winners, books written for adults that are deemed to have an appeal to teens. Both of these, I feel, completely fail in having appeal to teens as anything but historical fiction. (more…)

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Books 9 & 10

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Two more books this week. One was a struggle. One I would really  like to see a sequel. (more…)

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Books 6, 7, & 8

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So I was lazy, and when I finished Boy21 last week, I never posted. Since then, I’ve also finished The Miseducation of Cameron Post, which took me up until the day before yesterday, and The Night She Disappeared, which I started and finished yesterday (partly because it’s short, and partly because it’s really good). (more…)

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Libraries have value (and we’re paying for them)

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I am utterly appalled that an author would denounce libraries as being “no longer relevant” and proceed to complain that he’d be making more money if people didn’t get to check out books for free.

I’m talking, of course, of Terry Deary’s ridiculous statements to the Sunderland council (not being from the UK, I’m assuming that’s a city council) and to the Guardian. Going through the article, where I’ve taken all of the following quotes in italics, here is my response to someone who is clearly out of touch.


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To App or Not to App

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I’ve written a grant (and fingers crossed that I get it!) to buy e-readers and tablets for my library. Part of it is for a technology petting zoo for adults, but the other part, and the real reason, is to use in storytime. There’s been a lot of back and forth about whether we’re doing the responsible thing by using apps in storytime, considering the opinions on screen time for younger children, but here’s my take on this. (more…)

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The First Four Months

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Last September I started my first bona fide librarian gig. Has it been what I expected? Yes and no. In some ways, it’s everything I’ve been waiting for. In others… let’s just say I’ve had a wake-up call.


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Why Is It So Loud In Here?

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As a woman is leaving today, she wants to know how she can make a complaint. I gave her one of our forms to give to my branch manager. She fills it out and leaves it with me. I see that she’s complaining about the noise level, saying that kids were running around and being loud, and their parents were letting them. I’m always a torn when it comes to this issue. How do we balance the needs of people who need the quiet to study and the needs of children who we want to see the library as a fun place to be? (more…)

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